Error when importing the solution package

Sep 7, 2013 at 12:44 AM

I have an error when importing the solution package
And another Error
The portal ships with Live ID for a citizen authentication mechanism. The portal can be configured for any authentication mechanism that supports ASP.NET IPrincipal or the ASP.NET Membership provider model. To configure the portal for Live ID, the portal must first be registered with Live ID.
a. Go to the Live ID portal ( )
b. Click on the Create Application link.
c. Enter an application name and click I accept.
d. The application will be created and the portal will give you an application ID as well as a secret. Note these two values as they will be required later.

e. Click on the Application Settings Page link.
f. It is recommended to fill out all of the details on the basic information page.
g. Click on API Settings, then enter your portal url and click Save. http://nyc-dc1:5555/LiveId.axd
Note that the url must include /LiveId.axd as that is the Live ID authentication handler in the portal.

____ERROR : Domaine de redirection :
Vous devez entrer un domaine valide qui commence par http:// ou https:// - chaînes de requête non autorisées. Longueur maximale de 248 caractères.____

Thanks for any help that can be given!